Michael William Chomicki
April 17, 1953 - April 22, 2020

Michael William Chomicki passed away on April 22, 2020 with the love of his life, Debbie, by his side. He was born in Flushing, NY on April 17, 1953 to the late Harry and Dorothy Chomicki, one of seven children. A plumber by trade, Michael carried on the family tradition by running his own business on Long Island. But work was never what defined him; family and friends did. He was a free spirit whose main motivation was to share life’s adventures with the people he loved.

Michael lived life to the full. He loved carpentry, nature, gardening, art, Broadway musicals, great food, and spoiling his family. Always up for adventure, he skied in Nevada, ran the NYC marathon- not once, but twice, snorkeled in Key West, explored the Redwood Forest, played the slots in Vegas, went SCUBA diving and whale watching in Hawaii, and so much more, always bringing family along for the memories.

Michael’s constant focus was on taking care of the people he loved and creating unforgettable experiences for us. Never allowing distance to disconnect us, he regularly traveled between New York, Arizona, California, and Florida to keep the family close, especially when children were involved.

Michael is survived by his loving wife, Debbie Bedell; sisters, Marianne Turco and Annamarie Chomicki; brothers, Frank (Lynda) Chomicki and Harry (Pat) Chomicki; grandsons, Ja’von and JaMele Bedell; great-grandson, Jacob Bedell; as well as many cousins, nephews, nieces, and friends. We are all thankful for the memories that will keep him close to our hearts.



  • Diane Odiorne Posted May 4, 2020 8:19 pm

    Uncle Mike was easy to love and impossible to forget. I don’t know what I’ll miss most- his impish grin, his snarky, rolling commentary, his hugs, his love of family, his huge heart and eagerness to help and surprise everyone he loved (sometimes whether they wanted help or not!). He lives on in our hearts and shared memories. Extra love to you, Aunt Debbie! ❤️

  • Ken Turco Posted May 4, 2020 11:57 pm

    We were born before the wind. Also younger than the sun.

    Ere the bonnie boat was won. As we sailed into the mystic.

    Hark, now hear the sailors cry. Smell the sea and feel the sky.

    Let your soul and spirit fly
    Into the mystic.

    And when that fog horn blows I will be coming home.

    And when the fog horn blows I want to hear it.
    I don’t have to fear it.

    I wanna rock your gypsy soul. Just like way back in the days of old.

    Then magnificently we will float. Into the mystic…..

    -Van Morrison

  • Frank and Pat Decurtis Posted May 5, 2020 12:19 am

    So happy to hear all the things accomplished with Michael in his short life. Michael was only 11 when Frank and I were married and only 24 when we left N.Y. to live in Arizona.
    Debbie sure hope you did some of his feats along with him. He has done a lot more than us in his time.
    So sorry he has passed but know he is up there with his mom and dad. I know he was a chef when in service. Now he can make stuffed cabbage and pirogies for his m&d

  • Jennie Cavalcante Posted May 5, 2020 3:44 am

    Sorry for your loss. I have known Michael for a long time even though I haven’t seen him in a long time he will be mist

  • Mary and bob o’brien Posted May 5, 2020 2:49 pm

    We are sorry to see you go,our Best Man….
    When we were young we had so much fun, New York City shows,Northstage ,concerts,new yrs parties,some wild close calls…lots of excitement!!!
    Micheal was also a GreatPlumber..one time he ran a gas line for us there must have been 25 pieces..he did not write down or measure anything!! We went to Home Depot we bought exactly what he needed.There was not one piece left when he was done.It was amazing!!!he was a PRO
    We grew up together and we will miss him for ever
    He made our life more joyful for sure He was a real fan of my meatballs!!!He may be gone,but the memories are for always
    When I think of him I see his smiley face… how he brought a special joy to our lives

  • Robert O’Brien Posted May 5, 2020 10:56 pm

    Mike was the Best Man of My Best Man (my father) and also his best friend. I’ve known him my whole life. I remember Mike as always laid back, light hearted, having a great sense of humor wanting to laugh about everything and being a good friend to my father, helping him when he needed. Not much more to ask for in a best friend.
    He will be missed. Rest in peace Mike.

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